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January 5, 2011 Volume 1, Issue 3

Happening Now!

EPA Announces Bay Pollution Diet

The US Environmental Protection Agency has stepped up its involvement in restoring the waters of the Chesapeake Bay with the December 28th announcement of a Total Maximum Daily Load for nutrients in the regions streams, creeks and rivers, along with Bay-wide Watershed Implementation Plans for Delaware, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

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799 Job Sheet for Adaptive Management Created for Indiana

In Indiana, the NRCS and State Dept of Agriculture (ISDA) worked together to create a 799 Job Sheet for Adaptive Management.

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Bay Farms On-Farm Network®

The Bay Farms On-Farm Network® began in 2004 with 22 growers in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, one of the most important agricultural counties in the East and one that is facing intense scrutiny because of nutrient runoff from farmlands contributing to the hypoxic zone in the Chesapeake Bay.

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Meet Joe Nester

Joe Nester, a certified crop consultant at Bryan, Ohio, is the top man on the ground for the Maumee On-Farm Network®. He coordinates efforts with growers and other consultants locally, and with Environmental Defense Fund and ISA On-Farm Network representatives.

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Detecting Nitrogen Stress with Color Imagery

Nitrogen stress can be easily detected with normal color imagery. The image on the left shows an On-Farm Network® replicated strip trial done in 2010 in central Iowa. Click here to open a pdf with more information.

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On-Farm FAQs

Why doesn’t the On-Farm Network® require that participating growers use the same fertilizer application rate for its trials?

We focus on collecting feedback on what works. To do this in a way growers can benefit from it, we start with the practices the growers actually use, comparing these with lower or higher rates, depending on the situation. We know there’s no one rate that works everywhere, so starting with one rate for everyone really doesn’t make sense. Our goal is not to find one rate that works for everyone, but rather, to help growers confirm what works for them, with their management, equipment, and on the soils they farm.


Bureau Creek Growers Meet to Discuss First Year Results

On Dec. 17, 12 of the growers participating in the Bureau Creek On-Farm Network project met to discuss the results from their first year of guided stalk nitrate testing. The Bureau Creek watershed is one of the targeted watersheds in the NRCS MRBI.

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Compare Crop Production Practices with Replicated Strip Trials

How do you know which new practices or products will give your operation and economic boost? Comparing side-by-side practices throughout a field using replicated strip trials is beneficial to growers in the On-Farm Network®.

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